Attack on Titan co-op

Lore friendly attack on titan workshop gamemode.


Titans (AI)

3m~15m class titan, each class is assigned with different health, speed, damage dealt and size.

8 deadly Titan bosses, each with unique abilities. Titan bosses will spawn when AI get enough kills.

Scouts (Players)

One shot titans by striking at titans' nape

Knock titans down by striking at titans' achillies

Vertical maneuvering equipment (with hook and gas)

Damage dealt porportional to player's speed

Extremely devastating spin attack

Able to deploy mounted artiliary

Change to pharah and one shot titans by landing direct hits at their nape(Thunderbolts)

Transform into titan
(currently 3 titans avalible: Attack Titan, Founding titan and colossus titan; each has unique perks)

Skybox bybassed

Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Scrims, Miscellaneous
Tags: titan co-op wacky
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Version: 1.5



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