1 shot=1 kill gamemode

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1 shot=1 kill game mode trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUPxrHjxlq8

It's a deathmatch mode with 18 unique heroes. All heroes have low gravity, the higher movement speed, low cooldown of abilities and mechanics, written with the help of the Workshop. Below there are additional features of each hero, which were given using the Workshop. Each time you pick another hero, there will be displayed short information about the hero's features. Using any communication menu item will display hero features again. Note: Hanzo doesn't have any hero tip. All heroes have low gravity, the higher movement speed, low cooldown of abilities and mechanics, written with the help of the Workshop.

Global features.

  • When killing leaders, the killer gets an additional 1 point for every 10 points of difference between killer and victim;
  • All quick melees stun enemy for 0,1 second;
  • Any communication will display hero tips again.


  • Taking damage from Biotic Rifle, enemies also receives the Biotic Grenade effect, which prevents any healing;
  • Passive ability: Camouflage. Ana becomes invisible. Invisibility will remove after using Biotic grenade, Nano Boost, primary fire mode and while moving (the movement while crouching doesn't dissolve invisibility) or while taking damage. Cooldown: 3 seconds.
  • During the Nano Boost, any damage you cause on the enemy applies the Biotic Grenade effect and the Sleeping Dart effect (last half as long as usual);
  • Also, during the Nano Boost, your health can't fall below 1 hp;
  • Nano Boost recharges after 3 eliminations.


  • Secondary fire deals damage to enemies and heals Baptiste;
  • Regenerative Burst deals damage to nearby enemies. Cooldown: 12 seconds;
  • Headshot or earning heal with secondary fire decrease the cooldown of Regenerative Burst by 2 seconds;
  • Can use the new Amplification Matrix at any time;
  • When the crouching button is pressed, Batiste falls to the ground.


  • Killing restores the Defensive Matrix, heals you to full hp and becomes you invulnerability (doesn't work when hacked);
  • Self-destruct kills increase the projectile speed by 5%;
  • Baby D.va doesn't appear after mech destruction;
  • If D.va uses self-destruct, Baby D.va will appear. Baby D.va forcibly uses call mech;
  • Self-destruct gives Baby D.va short-term immortality, which expires after three seconds of Call mech;
  • Self-destruct recharges after 2 eliminations;


  • Shuriken kills increase projectile speed by 2% to the entire game;
  • Headshot increases projectile speed by 2% to the entire game;
  • Genji takes 50 damage when using Swift strike;
  • Elimination heals Genji to full hp;
  • New ability: Shadowstep. Genji teleports to the behind of random enemy and roots him for 0,5 second. Genji becomes invisible. Invisibility resets after using abilities or when shooting. Can be used while Dragonblade is active. Elimination resets the cooldown;
  • Dragonblade elimination makes Genji Invisible;
  • Using abilities and firing remove invisibility;
  • Dragonblade recharges after 2 eliminations (Dragonblade eliminations don't count).


  • All arrows are sonic arrows;
  • Headshot recharges Dragonstrike;
  • Passive ability: Hunter's Mark. When Hanzo does a headshot, on the enemy will be displayed an icon, that visible through the walls. Hunter's Mark drops out after Hanzo's death.
  • Dragonstrike recharges after 2 eliminations (Dragonstrike eliminations count).


  • Being on the wall, the Soundwave has no cooldown;
  • The healing aura deals damage to enemies. Amp It Up: Increases the damage done twice;
  • Speed aura slows the movement speed of enemies by 45%. Amp It Up: Slows down the movement speed by 90%;
  • Auras don't work when Lucio hacked;
  • Sound Barrier charges after four eliminations (Sound Barrier eliminations don't count);
  • For every 25 meters of the distance travelled on a wall or in the air, receives 1% of the ultimate charge;
  • During the Sound Barrier, the Crossfade radius increases to 30 meters;
  • Amp It Up doesn't increase slowdown and damage from Crossfade during the Sound Barrier;
  • The Sound Barrier effect ends after Lucio loses bonus shields from the Sound Barrier;
  • Once a minute, one of the enemies becomes a rune carrier, killing him Lucio gets a constant 15% increase in movement speed;
  • Headshot gives a 5% increase in movement speed.


  • Using primary fire and secondary fire overheats the weapon by 10% and 7% per shot respectively. When it reaches 100%, Mccree can't shoot 3 seconds;
  • Cooling down of weapon begins after 1 second. It cools by 20% per second;
  • Headshots don't overheat the weapon;
  • Combat Roll cools down the weapon by 2.5 times and removes shooting delay;
  • Deadeye reworked. Now McCree flies up. When he reaches the maximum possible point, he can't move and is in a static position. On all enemies appear an icon, works similar to Widowmaker's ultimate. Deadeye lasts 5 seconds. The weapon doesn't overheat, and McCree is immortal but can be affected by stun effects. Headshot while ultimate ability is active increases the duration of ultimate ability by 2 seconds. Icons disappear after 10 seconds of Ultimate's end;
  • Headshot during Deadeye refuses its duration;
  • Deadeye recharges after 3 eliminations (Deadeye eliminations don't count).


  • When touches the ground, takes 50 damage per second;
  • Caduceus' secondary fire deals damage to the enemy. Maximum range is 80 meters;
  • The effect of the Caduceus' secondary fire mode drops out after 0,2 second of retracting cursor from the target. During Valkyrie, this value is 0,4 second;
  • The Guardian Angel doesn't require a target (you can still press the jump button during the Guardian Angel). Duration: 1,5 seconds. No cooldown;
  • Using the Guardian Angel, the projectile speed is increased by five times. Lasts until the first bullet;
  • Ability on E: Curse. The selected target is cursed. Mercy steals 50% of enemy's healing, which increase the Mercy's maximum health. Curse drops out after the death of Mercy or a cursed player. Can't be used during the Valkyrie;
  • Using the Valkyrie curses all living players. Curses drop out after Valkyrie's end;
  • Taking damage reduces maximum health, if possible;
  • The Valkyrie increases the movement speed by 30%, Guardian Angel's speed and Caduceus' secondary fire's range;
  • Killing an enemy during Valkyrie increases Mercy's maximum health by 100% of the victim’s maximum health;
  • If Mercy dies during Valkyrie, she'll resurrect, but without Valkyrie;
  • Valkyrie recharges after 3 eliminations (Valkyrie's eliminations don't count).


  • Can use secondary fire mode, but it needs to aim
  • Coalescence displays the icon on your hero, that visible for all players through the walls;
  • Fade increases movement speed by 70%. Bonus is also valid for 3 seconds after Fade's end;
  • After 5 seconds of using Coalescence it can be cancelled by pressing any ability button;
  • Every elimination increases the projectile speed by 6% and movement speed by 3%.


  • When Pharah touches the ground, she takes 40 damage per second;
  • Concussive blast deals damage to affected enemies;
  • The first elimination in Barrage gives Pharah immortality before Barrage's end (still can be stunned, slept, etc.);
  • Barrage recharges after 3 eliminations (Barrage eliminations don't count).


  • The cooldown of Wraith form is 6 seconds. The cooldown starts after cast beginning;
  • Damage dealing or headshot reduce the cooldown of Wraith form by 1.5 seconds;
  • Wraith form heals Reaper 50 hp per second;
  • While in Wraith Form Reaper can walk through the walls;
  • Shadow step heals Reaper to full hp and restores cooldown of Wraith form;
  • Death blossom increases movement speed by three times;
  • Death blossom recharges after 3 eliminations (Death blossom eliminations don't count).


  • On the ground moves 50% faster;
  • Movement speed of ground Charge is the same with a movement speed of air Charge;
  • Barrier field doesn't slow you;
  • Rocket hammer knocks down affected enemies by 0.25 seconds;
  • Fire strike knocks down affected enemies by 0.5 seconds;
  • When Reinhardt does damage with Charge or Earthshatter, the knocking down duration is increased for Fire strike by 0,05 seconds and Rocket hammer by 0,025 seconds;
  • Passive ability: Second wind. Reinhardt restores 20% health per second when he hasn't taken damage last 5 seconds. Doesn't work when hacked;
  • While casting Earthshatter, rapidly falls to the ground.


  • When using Sprint, Soldier-76 moves faster and faster;
  • If Sprint has cancelled, the bonus movement speed will be decreased by 4% each second. If hacked, the Sprint bonus movement speed will reset.;
  • Elimination gives 25% of ultimate charge (while using Tactical visor gives 7% of ultimate charge).


  • Headshot hacks the enemy by 2 seconds;
  • EMP slows the time by 50% for 2 (4 in real life) seconds;
  • EMP hacks all enemies in the whole map. Lasts while time dilation is active;
  • Eliminations that done while EMP is active increases the duration of time dilation by 0.1 (0.2);
  • Players who affected by EMP will be frozen;
  • Player, who dealt damage to a frozen player will be frozen too;
  • Sombra can't use EMP while time dilation is active;
  • EMP recharges after 4 eliminations (EMP eliminations don't count).


  • Can use Double jump (Hack removes that feature);
  • 2 Blinks in a row resets Double jump;
  • Cooldown of Blink charge is 2 seconds;
  • Maximum blink charges - 4;
  • Recall heals Tracer to full hp, gives 2 Blink charges and recharge Pulse bomb;
  • Passive ability: Speed Kills. Eliminations recharges Pulse bomb and all blink charges, decreases Blink charge cooldown by 0,05 second. Tracer teleports to victim's position (can't teleport if rooted). Speed Kills doesn't work if Tracer hacked;
  • Headshot decreases Blink charge cooldown by 0.025 seconds;
  • After death, the cooldown of Blink charge will be 2 seconds.


  • Can fly. Need to hold the jump button (doesn't work if hacked);
  • With full sniper mode charge, shots go through walls and deal half the damage;
  • All shots go through enemies. The second enemy, who stood behind the first one, will take half damage;
  • Passive ability: Invisibility. Headshot makes Widowmaker invisible for 5 seconds. Headshot to an enemy who standing behind the wall will proc it. Invisibility doesn't work if Widowmaker hacked;
  • If Widowmaker hits the enemy with Grappling hook, he will be stunned and teleport to Widowmaker.


  • Barrier Projector has two different modes: normal mode, which absorbs damage and damage/heal mode (destroyable by Sombra's EMP), which heals Winston for 35% of his maximum health per second and deals damage to enemies. Interact button (F) changes modes. Duration: 9 seconds;
  • Primal Rage punches heal Winson and stun enemies by 0,2 second;
  • Primal rage recharges after 2 eliminations (Primal rage eliminations don't count).


  • Ability on Shift: Evasion. Zenyatta dodges any attack for 2 seconds. Cooldown - 4 seconds;
  • Headshot activates Evasion for 1 second;
  • Orb of discord decreases line of sight of the affected enemy and deals small periodic damage, that cannot be lethal. Orb of discord dispels when the enemy has full hp;
  • Transcendence slows Zenyatta by 40% and instead of healing deal damage to enemies;
  • Transcendence recharges after 3 eliminations (Transcendence eliminations don't count).
Categories: Elimination
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Winston, Genji, Hanzo, and 13 more...
Maps: Paris, Dorado, Blizzard World, Eichenwalde, Hollywood, and 7 more...
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Current version: 1.43.0

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