10K Damage Gun Game


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10K Damage Gun Game. Deal 10000 damage to win & 1000 to become in the next hero. Created by Jokaes#2263 based on 10k Damage FFA by Darwin.

Hero List - 8 random DPS + 1 Tank (5th) & + 1 Supp (10th) - No turrets abilities

"Havana Arena" included. Credits to Beemoo for Aim Arena FFA

To play this mode while in queue -> ∞ Infinite Damage Gun Game

To play this mode always in the "Havana Arena" go to: 10k Damage Gun Game in the Arena Map

5K Damage Edition: VG99Q

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Categories | Free for all, Miscellaneous
Heroes | All
Maps | All
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Current version | 8.3.0

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