🗝 Map puzzle / Map escape (Part2)


Mode-Part: 2

Maps: Blizzard World, Dorado, Temple of Anubis

You have to solve different levels with different heroes to find and reach the checkpoint.

How it works:

  • Press F (INTERACT) on the checkpoint to jump to the next Level
  • Hold F (INTERACT) to respawn (for 3sec)
  • Hold F (INTERACT) + crough to reset your progress (for 10sec)
  • Look at the Time Run-Button and press F (INTERACT) to activate the Speedrun
  • Always stay outside the real world (the normal playable world areas)

Mode settings:

  • ON/OFF - Server crash saver (slowmotion) - OFF by default
  • ON/OFF - Map rotation after win - OFF by default
  • ON/OFF - Punish (freeze) people who kill - ON by default
  • ON/OFF - Highscore-Speedrun (activate/deactivate speedrun system) - ON by default


If you beat the highscore on the latest workshop version and want to have it set into the next version, you have to record your run (video) and upload it (or provide a reference link to YouTube / Twitch / ...)

Also list of all recorded map highscores

Full competitive speedrun support:

More infos at Highscores

Supported maps:

Blizzard World (10 lvl - hard)

This map was created by Lmnoo

  • lvl 1 Ana
  • lvl 2 Hanzo
  • lvl 3 Widowmaker
  • lvl 4 Ashe
  • lvl 5 Mei
  • lvl 6 Soldier76
  • lvl 7 Ashe
  • lvl 8 Pharah
  • lvl 9 Reaper
  • lvl 10 Sombra

Dorado (9 lvl - normal)

This map was created by Lmnoo

  • lvl 1 Reaper
  • lvl 2 Soldier76
  • lvl 3 Ashe
  • lvl 4 Sombra
  • lvl 5 Tracer
  • lvl 6 Doomfist
  • lvl 7 Genji
  • lvl 8 Pharah
  • lvl 9 Junkrat

Temple of Anubis (10 lvl - normal)

This map was created by Lmnoo

  • lvl 1 Ana
  • lvl 2 Soldier76
  • lvl 3 Soldier76
  • lvl 4 Mercy
  • lvl 5 Widowmaker
  • lvl 6 Sombra
  • lvl 7 Reaper
  • lvl 8 Junkrat
  • lvl 9 Tracer
  • lvl 10 Tracer


  • More maps to play

Known Bugs / Error:

  • Switching anybody from team to team, cousing the gamemode to crash (workaround: move into spectator and than back into the other team).
  • The mode could get canceld in some rarly cases couse of to complex workshop scripting.

Code Snippet

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Categories | Parkour, Race, PvE
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 3.6.5 - P2

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Any advice for clearing mei with only one mei? I know it's possible but im still trying to figure out how exactly.

Update: Figured it out! go figure I find the way when i ask for help lol


How do you do temple of anubis level 6? I can't figure it out. I have been on it for like an hour by now.


You throw you translocator below the floor walk off onto a invisible floor throw your translocator at the black wall and teleport as soon as it goes past the black and move towards the right and you should land on a ledge, follow the ledge and then face left then take a leap of faith holding right and you'll land on something, then stay on the edge and you'll find the next level


Hey could you please provide more clarification, once I find the ledge behind the black wall, I’m not able to find where to leap of faith to, I’ve been looking for around an hour to no avail, thank you!


I'm having the same problem. I don't know which way I go. There is a wall to the right of the ledge, but If I go the other way and do the jump I land in a room behind a place in the real map with a mini health pack.


Im not sure what im supposed to do on Anubis level 8. I understand i need to get to the top but i dont know what to do then


when you spawn, face the pyramid, walk to the right, then forward, then use a mine to jump on the sand, then spam mine until you reach the level checkpoint


I need a bit more clarification, when I try this I end up clipping in bounds and I'm not able to get back out, and once I reach the top I'm not able to access the checkpoint
Edit: nevermind found a solution


I need clarification, because apparently I'm just dumb.. anyone got a video of it?


Thank you!


i believe that the new sombra blizzard world checkpoint doesnt exist.. i even searched the checkpoint with pharah for hours and couldnt find it

Kleator#2788 creator

its in the starcraft arcade area and viewable from inside the attacker spawn area


nvm found it :D..... its viewable inside the defending spawn not attacker ^^

Kleator#2788 creator

oh yeah, my bad sry...


Has anyone been able to finish level 10 on Anubis? I'm stuck in it.


Is there any way you could put up a video on how to explain how to beat or as a walk through of the whole map? The map is anubis final point #10 getting to #11 on the attackers spawn ship. My friend and I have gotten very far and we have been working on this for the past 2 days or so of trying to figure this out. Any help?


try to go to the 1st soldier spawn.. and from there to the sand next to attack spawn then find ur way to the roof of the attack


I’m stumped on 10 as well, 8 is a beating, but at least there was a general idea of what to do.


Is there a Discord for these maps? If not you should put it in Gemster's discord. He's got a bunch of parkour maps on there.

Need somewhere to discuss these live.

Kleator#2788 creator

There's no discord server for this, but feel free to share :)


How do you do tracer Ive spent upwards of five hours and know where it is but can't figure it out


Which way on dorado do you get to 4 as me and my friends can’t get over the roof or around the side


I was really excited for this, but Dorado level 2 (soldier) is ridiculously difficult. I'm convinced the checkpoint doesn't exist.


I'm kind of wondering if the level 4 checkpoint is where level 3 is supposed to be?...or its just really hard and I haven't found it yet


Also, have you found a way to beat the seventh level on Blizzard World? I can’t get past that one either


I haven't gotten past 7 on blizzard world either! I'm gonna have to give that one another try, I landed on the top of the wall once and could never do it again.

Kleator#2788 creator

The question is which wall? If u mean the wall thats easily reachable directly after spawning, than you got the wrong wall ;)

Sometimes you have to go downstairs 😉


I figured it out! I wasn't landing in the right place at all :) super tricky!


I spent a good bit of time trying this exact spot and couldn’t figure it out any more tips?


I found it using the Pharah dev mode, it’s rather difficult to get to, but once you know the route it’s just a tedious run. It’s under the spawn, past the rocks, under the map of the right exit from spawn, very hard to find

I’ve currently stuck on level 5, I know where the checkpoint is, just not how to get there

Kleator#2788 creator

Oh I also was stuck on level 5 a long time ;)


I’ve beaten both levels, after trial and error they weren’t all too hard, do you have any plans for more levels?

Kleator#2788 creator

Not actualy, but lmnoo is really into it and also told me he got another map: Temple of Anubis
Hope I get to review it soon :)


How do you beat the tracer level? We've spent loads of time on it and we've gotten up to blinking around the mountain to where sombra end was, we just can't figure out how to get to the end.


Could you possibly give some clearer instructions? My friends and I cannot find lvl 3 for the life of us


You just have to follow the inside rocks and be careful not to fall or go outside

Update Log (11)


  • Dorado: Reversed last Soldier checkpoint change, as it wasnt matching the gamemodes original thoughts (finding & reaching)


  • Last version wasnt showing the correct version ingame


  • Temple of Anubis - New highscore: 4:38.25 by lmnoo


  • Deactivated Mercs ultimate
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