Zombie Infection


Green Player Name = Human
Red Player Name = Zombie

Zombies becomes stronger on die, Ana & Mercy can heal teammates Mercy heals with melee, use melee for infect, Zombies can use ultimates, Ashe can't use ultimate because Bob can kill teammates, All Heroes enabled!

It's remake of the Zombie Plague mod for counter strike, zombies have high health, humans must camp.

some maps really bad for this gamemode.

AI bot support for singleplayer.

You can set bot count in workshop settings.

Old Code: ZPTMR1 (Version 1.0, No AI Bots)

Categories | Free for all
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.3


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Update Log (4)

-Match Time & Assemble Time added
-Hud Text Now Shows AFK Players
-Balance Changes.

Added Outlines.
Added Better Hud.
Added Zombie Move Speed Boost. (With Settings)
Added Moira Healing.
Added Aim Smoother For AI Bots.
Fixed: Game Never Ends & Zombies Can't Infect Humans.

Added AI Bots.
Updated Workshop Settings.

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