💀 Reaper Training Chamber (Hero Trainer)


2-in-1 Trainer for Reaper

Practise using some of Reaper's kit and get better at him. In this Hero Trainer, you will get to practise aiming your shotgun, as well as reacting to crucial enemy abilities with your wraith form invulnerability.

Select a training/training partner using your Secondary Fire.


Shotgun Aiming

As shotgun is your only source of damage outside your ultimate, it's important for you to be able to aim well to do damage.

Practise your shots against 18 different heroes of different mobility levels.
From the very immobile Ana, through the elusive Tracer, to the high-flying Pharah.

More HP Mode

You can enable More HP mode, making your training partners have more HP, ideal for longer sessions.

Mercy Pocket Mode

You can enable Mercy Pocket mode, making your training partners have a Mercy constantly healing them back up.


Wraith Form Reaction

As you fight close range, you need to be able to react to crucial crowd control abilities in order to stay alive.

Practise reacting with your Wraith Form against 11 different heroes of different crucial crowd controls and knockback abilities.
Your goal is to enter Wraith Form before the crowd control or knockback hit you. Wraith Form lasts for 1 second only, so use them reactively or pre-emptively.


Video demostration


  • This training is meant for only 1 player. Does not support more than 1 real player playing at the same time.
  • Select training and training partner with right click


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Thanks i actually main reaper and this helped me

DragonEngineer creator

Hi thanks for the comments. Currently working on some improvements to the aim training AI, hopefully you will check it out soon.


i well

Update Log


Some clean up to the codes.


General changes

  • There will now be sound effects when spawning and despawning Training Partners
  • Code changes to how the game resets the training when going back to Main Menu


  • Re-implemented Mccree, Reaper, Moira, Tracer, and Genji training partners shooting at you
  • Ashe training partner now randomly uses scope and hipfire

Changes to Training Partners for Aim Training

  • Mccree, Reaper, Moira, Genji, and Tracer will no longer shoot at you. Felt redundant since you have unkillable status.
  • Hanzo, Widow, Ashe, and Mei will however continue to shoot their weapons at you, as their weapons are more dangerous.
  • Mei Training Partner will stop shooting and reload when you are in Wraith Form.
  • Mccree Training Partner will throw flashbang at 10m, up from 6m.


  • Mercy Pocket Mode: Adds an enemy Mercy constantly heals up your training partner
  • New Training Partners for Aim Training: Widowmaker, Ashe, and Mei
  • You now spawn with "Unkillable" status

Changes to Training Partners for Aim Training

  • Ana: Now uses sleep dart
  • Mccree: Now uses Flashbang and shoots on you
  • Reaper: Now shoots on you
  • Moira: Now uses biotic grasp on you
  • Hanzo: Now shoots on you, and Lunge is on a fixed timing instead of dependent on jumping
  • Tracer: Now shoots on you
  • Genji: Now shoots on you
  • Lucio: Now changes song depending on current health, also uses Soundwave

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Genji AI controller looking for "Hacked" status
  • Hero Icons should not clip against surfaces anymore
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