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Nya's God Tools
Nya Here, Heyo. This is Nya's God/Host Tools. Nya's God Tools is a very simple, easy to understand script that allows you to have Host Powers. These powers allow you to do whatever. I am taking suggestions, so feel free to comment suggestions or DM me!

God/Host Powers
In short, the powers are things like flight, noclip, and picking up people. In long however, I've provided you with a list. Look below for the list.

  • Picking Up People
  • Healing People
  • Launching People
  • Carrying and Throwing People
  • Flight/Noclip
  • Giving People Perms (Host Only)
  • Fast Respawn On/Off
  • Revealing Players
  • Invincibility

So that's about it! Feel free to use this whenever you want, and enjoy!

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Update Log (6)

Update 1.4

  • Fixed a bug that would cause "Give God Permissions" to show up when dead in flight mode.

Update 1.3

  • Changed the variable setup so that the script can be easily inserted into any gamemode.
  • Cleaned up a few things to make the game run a little smoother

Update 1.2

  • Changed the flight mode keybind from "Group Up" to "Need Healing"
  • Changed "Give God Perms" to LSHIFT
  • Removed "Launch Person"
  • Added a Beam Effect whenever holding players
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