Demo: Projectile Aimbot for Target with Velocity

A recreation of the first half of the logic of 'solve_ballistic_arc_lateral' from the source code of https://www.forrestthewoods.com/blog/solving_ballistic_trajectories/

Solves the X and Z axis for a projectile aimbot, though the Y axis is only correct for projectiles that do not arc and do not have delta vectors. If I find a way to accurately account for the Y axis and Delta vector I will update.

Also includes a cubic and quartic equation solver because I was silly and did not understand the code I was trying to convert.

See https://workshop.codes/QKQ8G for a implementional that calculates for projectile arc, but not target velocity. This code also attempts to solve for the delta vector.

I wrote the code in overpy, see https://github.com/a-bella-ciao/OW2-Workshop-Projectile-Aimbot for the source.

Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Tools
Heroes: All
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Current version: 1.0

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