SR Scoreboard


SR Scoreboard is a performance-based scoreboard I made a while back. It is not intended to be used to determine an accurate representation of your rank. It is only intended as a fun alternative to a regular scoreboard.

SR Scoreboard will take your individual performance, mostly based on damage and healing dealt, and calculate it into a rank as you play. This has not been extensively tested, but it is very fun to play with friends and see what happens. There is no advanced algorithm happening here, it is mostly based on healing/damage numbers.

Once the game begins, your SR immediately begins to decay. You can earn SR by dealing damage, healing, staying on the objective, and earning eliminations. You lose SR when you die, but SR decay will pause while you are waiting to respawn.

Give it a shot with some friends or host a lobby!

Let me know what you think in my Discord server!


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