Rez's Chill Lobby ♥ (PS4)


Check the Update Log below to see if the latest code has been updated.

  • I am the original creator of this chill lobby FragileNight/II-Rezallia-II.
  • In-World Keyboard by JustMonika
  • Please stop taking credit for this by changing the description or the in-game message with your name, like some a-holes I've seen. You can use my workshop all you want but please credit me for it.
  • And please don't modify anything in the workshop if you don't know what you're doing. You'll probably just break something.
  • I'll try my best to update this as often, hopfully.

CONTROLS (v1.12-7)


  • Team Deathmatch & Skirmish


  • Unprotected/Protected Mode :: Look Down + Hold (R2)


  • Float/Fly :: Press or Hold (X)
  • Cycle Camera Modes :: Look Down + Hold (L1) And (R1)
  • Teleport Short Distance On/Off :: Look Down + Hold (X) & Interact
  • .. Once "On" Use Interact to Teleport
  • Teleport To Player :: Crouch + Hold Interact
  • Charge Ultimate :: Hold (Triangle)
  • Slow Motion Projectiles On/Off :: Look Down + (R1)
  • Copy Hero :: Crouch + Hold (Square)
  • Hero Selection :: Look Down + Hold (Square)
  • Set Portrait On Fire :: Look Down + Hold (X)
  • Permeation (Phase Through Walls) :: Crouch + Hold (Triangle)
  • Voice Changer (Cycle Between Low or High Pitch Voices) :: Look Down + Hold (R3)
  • Size Changer (Cycle Different Player Size) :: Look Down + Hold (X) & (Triangle)


  • Divine Powers :: Look Down + Hold (L2)


  • Passive :: Immortality (Always On)
  • Passive :: Instant Health Regen (Always On)
  • Passive :: Divine Damage
  • Passive :: Return Damage (Always On)
  • Switch Between Freeze/Sleep/Hack/Burn Powers :: Crouch + Hold (R2) & Interact
  • .. Use Freeze/Sleep/Hack/Burn Powers :: Crouch + Hold (R2)
  • Insta-Kill :: Crouch + Hold (R3)
  • Resurrect :: Crouch + Hold (L2)
  • Teleport A Player To You :: Crouch + Hold (L1)
  • Teleport All Players To You :: Look Down + Crouch + Long Hold (Square) & (Triangle)
  • Share/Take Away Divine Powers :: Crouch + Hold (R1) | (Host Only)
  • Telekinetic Grab On/Off :: Look Down + Hold (L1) & Interact
  • .. Grab or Drop :: Press Interact
  • .. Throw :: Hold (Square) + Interact
  • Force Emote or Voiceline :: Look Down + Hold (Triangle) & Interact
  • .. Pick Emote or Voiceline Direction :: Look Down + Press (Square) & Interact
  • .. Press (Square) to start forcing Emote or Voiceline


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Update Log (55)


  • Changed the gamemode to Team Deathmatch.
  • Minor bug fixes and changes.

CODE UPDATE (v.1.12-1)

  • Changed the in-game Match Time with my own, specifically for TDM.
  • Minor changes.

CODE UPDATE (v.1.12-2)

  • Added a New Host Power called Force Emote/Voiceline (not sure if this works, can't test it by myself.)
  • More fixes and changes.

CODE UPDATE (v.1.12-3)

  • Made some changes to support both Team Deathmatch & Skirmish gamemode.
  • Added Spawn Room Changer back in the Workshop Settings for the Skirmish gamemode.
  • Added a new Match Time Changer in the Workshop Settings for my Self-made Match Time.
  • Removed "Locked Aim-Assist" Host Control because it's usless and is not really needed.
  • The New Host Power "Force Emote/Voiceline" has finally been tested and works properly.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs.

CODE UPDATE (v.1.12-4)

  • Lots of bug fixes from the previous update. Tested em' all, hopefully it's all good.
  • Improved the Custom Match Timer. It's much better now.
  • Lots of script rework.

CODE UPDATE (v.1.12-5)

  • More bug fixes from the previous update. All good? Maybe.
  • Re-worked mostly all the scripts on how it works.

CODE UPDATE (v.1.12-6)

  • Fixed the cause of the power sharing crashing the lobby and fixed a couple of other bugs.
  • Added more Voicelines to Force.
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