Friendly Mode


•---------• FRIENDLY MODE •---------•

• Press Interact ["F" default] to open/close menu •
• In menu you can: 1) configure your camera position; 2) apply effects to yourself (kill/resurrect, knock down, freeze, burning, unkillable); 3) teleport to player; 4) enable ghost mode; 5) change hero; 6) change voice; 7) scale heroes; 8) synchronize emotes. •

Categories | Free for all, Miscellaneous
Tags | friendly fun
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.3


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Update Log (4)

• Added hero scaling.
• Reduced count of used hud texts.

• Now emotes synchronization will be applied to all players who using menu, instead to all players who're only in "Emote Synchronization" menu element.
• "Unkillable" effect now automatically enabled.

• Now you don't lose "Unkillable" effect after resurrection.
• Added a purple effect to players, who using "Unkillable" effect.
• Now menu close automatically after using "Ghost Mode".
• Increased fly up/down Ghost Mode speed.
• Now you can use "Knock Down" and "Freeze" effects while using "Unkillable".
• Fixed some bugs related to "Unkillable" effect.

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