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A fairly simple, but customizable photoshoot! Set your camera on whatever surface you want, and it'll focus on your initial position!

You can head on to workshop settings to customize certain stuff!

Workshop Settings


Distance is how far the camera can go! If theres no surface met within that amount, it'll be set in the air.
Default : 10

Include players in raycast

This is a bit more complex, but basically if your crosshair is on a player, it'll set the camera on that player (it won't move with the player, unfortunately) if it's on!
Default : False

Include player owned objects

It's the same as above, but with shields.
Default : True

Blend speed

How fast to blend the camera movement as positions change. This will work only if you set the camera somewhere else, and didn't delete it beforehand.
Default : 0


To set a camera, look at a position, doesn't have to hit a surface though, as explained above! Once you know where to place it, press Jump + Interact (F by default).

Once you're bored of where it was initially placed, you can remove it by pressing Crouch + Interact (F by default), almost the opposite of placing it!

Future plans

More workshop settings.

Known bugs

None yet! Please tell me in the description or on discord (check profile for discord tag) any bugs that you encounter, and what you did to make it happen!

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