Zombie Survival Missions (OW1 Edition)

General Notes:

  • This game version is no longer under development.
  • The newest version of ZSM can be found at this page: workshop.codes/MPJFR

Stable Data Centers
This is a list of data centers that the game seems to run well on. This list is subject to change. Not all data centers are equally stable.

If you experience frequent crashing on one of these data centers, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

  • South Korea 3 (Very Good)
  • Brazil 2 (Very Good)
  • Finland 2 (Very Good)
  • Germany 2 (Very Good)
  • Singapore 2 (Very Good)
  • Japan 2 (Very Good)
  • USA - West 2 (Very Good)
  • Bahrain (Very Good)
  • Netherlands (Good)
  • Austrailia 3 (Good)
  • France (Adequate)
  • USA - West (Adequate)
  • Taiwan (Adequate)

Keys to picking a good data center:

  • Pick a data center close to you (less than 100ms latency if possible).
  • Try to pick a data center with a good or very good rating.
  • Try to pick a data center that is likely to have less people online (i.e. USA - West 2 instead of USA East or USA Central).
Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Survival, PvE
Tags: pve zombie zsm
Heroes: All
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