It's Ramattrin' Time

Play only Ramattra against other players or AI-controlled opponents in a FFA deathmatch with Ultimate Generation at 300% to facilitate use of Ramattra's Ultimate.

"I do not fight for myself, I never have. Together, we are unstoppable!"
Void Accelerator (Primary Fire)
  • Fires a stream of projectiles in a fixed pattern.
Void Barrier (Secondary Fire)
  • Create a barrier at the targeted location.
Nemesis Form (Ability 1)
  • Transform into Nemesis Form, changing your attacks and gaining bonus armor.
Pummel (Primary Fire, Nemesis Form)
  • Punch forward, creating a wave of energy with every swing.
Block (Secondary Fire, Nemesis Form)
  • Significantly reduces damage taken from the front and reduces movement speed.
Ravenous Vortex (Ability 2)
  • Fire a nano ball, which explodes when it hits the ground, spreading a damaging field. Affected enemies are also slowed and pulled downward.
Annihilation (Ultimate)
  • Enter Nemesis Form and create an energy swarm surrounding yourself. This swarm will lash out towards nearby enemies, dealing damage and pausing the duration when damage is dealt.
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all, New Heroes
Tags: ramattra
Heroes: Ramattra
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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