A (Somewhat) Balanced Overwatch


This is my attempt at making Overwatch a balanced game. Some things need to be tweaked, but everything is m̶o̶s̶t̶l̶y̶ finished.

(Note: This mode is meant to be taken seriously. These are just some ideas that I thought might be cool for the game.)

Seeing as how workshop.codes is having errors with displaying text, I will now be posting patch notes on this site.

Upcoming Features:
Some necessities have come to mind for the mode.
* Adding the ability to cancel Bastion's Reconfigure

Update Log


In this update, I have finally enabled all of the heroes in the game, including Echo. Let me just say, it was quite hard making Echo work with everything. I hope you all enjoy!

Read the Patch Notes right here.


Quick Message:
I give thanks to you all for supporting this project. And, although it is far from perfect, I feel as if it is at least slightly better than the O.G. game. If anyone wants to give ideas on how I can improve this project, please leave them in the comments! I really need some insight, so go ahead and you may get your idea featured! Also, if any of my "Upcoming Features" seem to not work well with the game, just let me know along with your reasoning. I hope everyone has a wonderful time practicing social distancing!

Upcoming Features:
    Some necessities have come to mind for the mode.
    * Adding the ability to cancel Bastion's Reconfigure
    * Adding the ability to switch heroes while using Reconfigure and during its cooldown
    * Finding a way to make heroes like Pharah and Doomfist to not be a two-hit kill
    * Re-enabling Pharah and Doomfist
    * Making it so you can hold down Junkrat's primary fire
    * See if Echo needs balancing

To see the patch notes, go here.


Important Changes:
Mercy has gotten a rework to her Resurrect ability, and Roadhog with his Take a Breather.

All patch notes/changes are available at my website.


See the changes at my blog.


Bastion has been re-enabled and is back in the game with a new rework to the ability, Reconfigure! See the rest of the patch notes on this site.


This is mainly a hotfix due to a problem with Mei's Ultimate, Blizzard. Instead of taking time to freeze enemies, it would immediately freeze them. I made some other hero changes, though. To see the others changes, got to my blog. I've also edited the description of the mode.


You can see the patch notes at my blog.

  • Made Briggite's Shield Health go from 400 to 240 health
  • Disabled some heroes
  • Have made Reaper's Shadow Step easier to use
  • Have made every character in the "Damage" category have 200 health
  • Increased Zennyatta's health from 200 to 240
  • Have made changes to Orisa's Fortify and Sigma's Kinetic Grasp
  • Have added a debug command to spawn everyone at the objective
  • Have made general changes in cooldown and damage to some heroes

Forgot to change the code😋

  • Torbjorn's "Overload" heal per second has been set to 15 per second
  • Made adjustments to Mercy's Ult
  • Changed the overall function of Mercy's "Guardian Angel" ability
  • Changed Brigitte's cooldown for her "Shield Bash" ability

I am really starting to struggle with Mercy's ult. I have a debug command built-in just to test out her ult. It works on Workshop-generated Dummy Bots, but not on the bots with A.I. built-in (the ones that you add in from the lobby). Can anyone tell me if this is a problem that they have? I want this to be able to work on actual games, and I can't tell if it works or not on real players (since I have no friends😢). Can anyone tell me if this works on actual players, and give me feedback on how balanced it is? Thank you so much for reading this!


Edit: The exact same as the previous one, just forgot the change the code.

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

I made revisions to Mercy's Ult and have added testing rules. (Please disable these of you want to play the real game.) I have adjusted the respawn time, and am working on a bug with the new Ashe rules.

This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.


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When is there an update???

EPFpower creator

There will be one soon! I'm having complications with adding the update. This website wasn't letting me add anything. I will try it again, soon.

admin *

Hey! Workshop.codes admin here, do you have any details on what was going wrong?

EPFpower creator

It's working just fine, now. A couple weeks ago, I was trying to add a revision to this project (I was on a Windows computer). It would just kick me out and back to the home page. It's good now, though.


Nice gamemode! Keep up the work!!!

EPFpower creator

Thanks, dude.

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