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Welcome to Amped Deathmatch, a 12-player FFA gamemode that will test the luck of any hero to step up to the challenge. With a near endless amount of playstyles to enjoy, the replayability of this gamemode is sure to send players hurrying back for more. These features include:

    In Amped Deatmatch, you can collect points that you can use to buff your hero. Doing damage and getting eliminations rewards you with these points. When you hit the required amount, the game rolls between several different stats, like Damage Dealt, Damage Received, Movement Speed, Movement Gravity, Maximum Health, Passive Healing, Projectile Speed, and Death Heal. Once one is chosen, that stat will proceed to increase by a random number, specificly adjusted for the statistic in question. One upgrade may decrease your Damage Received by 2%, making you slightly more difficult to kill, and others may increase your Damage Dealt by 9%, helping you further mow through your enemies. This allows players to test their luck in their attempts to become the most powerful player in the lobby. It also creates diversity depending on which upgrades you get most often per game. One game you may get a bunch of Movement Speed upgrades and spin circles around your enemies. Other games you may get more Maximum Health upgrades and be the Tracer-tank hybrid you never knew you wanted to be.

    Another exciting feature is the Score-Awards system, which awards players fun abilities the more score they accumulate. At 10 Points, you will unlock Poison Rounds, which inflict a small damage over time on enemies when you damage them with any ability. At 20 Points, you unlock Medical Rounds, which will heal you for a small percentage of all damage you deal. At 30 Points, you unlock Booster Rounds, which give you a small speed upgrade every time you get an elimination. At 40 Points, you unlock Battery Rounds, which give you extra ultimate charge when you deal damage. Finally, 50 Points gives you Recon Rounds, which creates small rings over enemies' heads that activate when you eliminate them. These upgrades, once unlocked, are permanent and stick with you for you whole game, adding exciting diversity.

    In a fast-paced gamemode like Amped Deathmatch, proper mobility is almost necessary to make a fun gamemode. Around each map, you can find Jump Pads and Launch Pads that you can use to get around the map. Stepping on Jump Pads will make a loud noise, showing your position, but will launch you high into the air so that you can access high places. Launch pads will also make a noise, but fling you in the direction you are facing at very high speeds, providing you with the perfect get-away mechanism. Every map in the gamemode has these structures.

    Diversity is not only seen in the gameplay, but the maps as well. The map pool ranges from close range, chaotic arenas like Black Forest and Castillo, to larger, more expanive battles like King's Row, Paris, and Ecopoint: Antarctica. However, as movement speeds increase and damage skyrockets, the map's size will slowly become obsolete. Health packs also regenerate faster in this gamemode.

    In Amped Deathmatch, visuals are one of the most important aspects of the game. The gamemode has a cleverly designed HUD that shows not only every stat's percentage and name (ex. Damage Dealt: 100%), but it also binds every upgrade type to a color and icon so that they are easily recognizable to everyone. When a player earns an upgrade, an aura appears around them that very quickly shows what upgrade they received from that kill so that other players are aware. If a player earns a kill and a yellow explosion appears around them, you know that they will be a little bit more difficult to eliminate than before, as the color yellow is assigned to the Maximum Health upgrade. There is also a small message at the bottom of the player's screen that tells them exactly what upgrade they just received every time they earn an upgrade. On the right side, the display shows the various types of Score-Award upgrades and whether they are active or not, as well as giving the player a brief description of their abilities. When a player unlocks a Score-Award upgrade, a warning is displayed for all players so that they know that they will be a little bit more lethal.

Categories | Free for all, Solo
Heroes | All
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Current version | 1.1

Update Log



    Upgrade System Rework:
    Changed the Upgrade System from eliminations to points. Doing damage and earning eliminations gives you points. When you hit the required amount, you upgrade, your points are set to 0, and your required amount is increased.
    Comments: This change was intended to combat a reoccuring issue of snowballing seen in games. When one player would get a good start they would get many upgrades and get kills faster and faster until they rolled their way to victory. This was not fun for the players that were subject to this. With this change, players can still upgrade even if they cannot kill anything or live for very long. This will also make games more fun because more players will have good upgrades and this the gamemode will be more balanced in the late game.
    New Upgrades:
    Added Projectile Speed, which increases the distance that projectiles you fire travel and at the speed of which they travel.
    Interval Changes:
    All upgrade percentage intervals increased by 1.
    Passive Healing now defaults to 1 instead of 2.

    New Awards:
    Added Battery Rounds, unlocked at 40 points, which increases your ultimate charge when dealing damage.
    Added Recon Rounds, unlocked at 50 points, which allows you to see enemies positions through walls after you eliminate them.
    Awards Changes:
    Poison Rounds now comply to your Damage Dealt stat.
    _Booster Rounds speed bonus per kill increased from 2 to 3.

    Map Pool Updates:
    Removed Havana from the map pool, but added Volskaya Industries.
    Launch Pad Updates:
    Removed loud, ambient energy sound effect produced by the Launch Pad.

    Score-Awards Text Changes:
    Simplified the texts for each Score-Award upgrade on the HUD to make room for the two new upgrades.
    Added texts for Battery Rounds and Recon Rounds.
    Upgrades HUD Changes:
    Removed unnecessary text.
    Added text for the new Projectile Speed upgrade.
    Upgrade Aura Changes:
    Added new color, aqua, to symbolize Projectile Speed.

    Win Condition Changes:
    Increased the kill cap from 50 to 75.
    Performance Updates:
    Significantly improved fluidity and performance by making seperate functions for individual players, reducing the chance for bugs.



  • GAMEMODE UPDATES Performance Updates: Disabled gamemode announcer and music to prepare for a coming patch.


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