Freezethaw Elimination


Freezethaw Elimination PVP

Elimated heroes are frozen and may be thawed by allies. Freeze all enemies to win the round. Successful heroes are removed from later rounds.

How it works

In this recreation of Freezethaw Elimination, I have tried my hardest to resemble what the actual mode is like. When you die you get turned into a mei cryo-freeze and wait until someone comes and rescues you, mei is disabled since you turn into her to because a cryo-freeze (also she isn't available in the actual gamemode lmao). Once all players are frozen on one team, the opposite team wins. When you're thawing your allies, you cannot move as you are rooted, so pick a good place to thaw, you can only do it when you're 3 meters away from your teammate, good look soldiers.


Code Snippet

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Update Log (2)

Non-version update (just me being dumb)

I forgot to use the christmas varients of the maps lmao, sorry! It should be fine now!

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